What We Do?

Establishing a Community Center within the USA. This Foundation will help and encourage normal or disable aging people, who do not have sufficient courage to live with healthy and happy life. We will create an environment by doing yoga, meditation, spiritual speech, literature and cultural heritage. We will assist poor aging people with their resources they wanted.

1. Culture Heritage programs:

We organize native culture, art music, dances programs, celebrating native festival and American events to enjoy for senior and community people.

2. Nepali Language, Spiritual speech and Literature Programs:

This program will give happiness and satisfaction to people’s life. Aging people will have a lot of social, spiritual and literature experience. They can grow their talent with our circumstances. In addition, it is good for us to involve them on these kinds of activities to make their happy and healthy life. Therefore, we can promote, practice and sharing these kinds of program with each other. Since, everyone will speak in their own language (Nepali), they will not have any problem talking or sharing things to each other.

3. Health Programs  with Yoga and Meditation Ayurveda/Naturopathy:

We can help to relief mental stress and loneliness of aging people. This program will help senior’s to live their life with worthwhile. This program will also help them to become healthy, happiness and wellness with peaceful and encourage, which will provide them to live their life with new lifestyle. This program will also help all senior’s to become healthier because they will have a chance to know their blood pressure level, glucose test and so on. Our volunteer doctor will attend every month to make this happen.

4. Teaching English as secondary language program / referral services of the U.S system and welfare program:

New immigrant aging men and women have lot of problems to communicate with  native people. Therefore, this program will teach them English, which will help them to communicate with each other without any problems. If they are able to work, we can help to assist job search for them. We can also do a partnership skill training programs. We can manage to get information and serve to community people as a referral services of the US system and welfare programs.
This program will also teach Nepali Language to the Nepali children, who were born in the United States.

5. Micro-Financial program for poor 50+aging people:

We promote and assist to create self employment and search a suitable job to poor 50+ Nepali people. We do partnership program with micro finance foundation through the ‘self help group’.

6.Others – Coming Soon!

Where we work

America: We are starting this organization from New York. If some people or volunteer, who have an interest to open community center under this banner than we will welcome and help them.

Nepal: This foundation is establishing with Nepali immigrating people in the USA. Therefore, we will also open a door for the people who wants to help poor Nepalese aging people in Nepal, who is residing very miserable condition in hospice (Bridhha Ashram).