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  • prasad foundation helping program
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  • Prasad P. Aryal, Scott M. Stringer & Kamala Prasai
  • Photo with Councilman Mr. Daniel Dromm

Prasad Foundation was established on May 2015. Officially established as an operating under section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A term ‘Prasad’ is derived from the ‘Sanskrit’ word meaning the ‘Divine Grace.’ The Foundation is governed by a founder board directors chaired by social worker Prasad P. Aryal. This organization would be run on grants from governmental and non-governmental agencies, public and private donations and voluntary contributions from individuals and community organizations.

The mission of ‘Prasad’ is to establish Community Center to assist the seniors, either normal or disabled. They would be assisted on issues such as health, happiness, and well-being. They would also be given education on yoga, meditation and on literature and cultural heritage. This center will also extend such services to children and people of all ages giving special emphasis towards assisting and promoting 50+ adults’ socioeconomic conditions. It will help develop the leadership qualities that enables older persons to lead self-determined lives within their communities and to work in partnership with other people for the benefit of the larger groups in the communities in need. It implements innovative solutions that respond to local conditions and cultures.

This non-for-profit organization through different programs promotes practices that ensure access to opportunities for meaningful, productive, healthy and happy lifestyles.