About us

Prasad Foundation was established in May 2015. Officially established as an operating under section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A term ‘Prasad’ is derived from the ‘Sanskrit’ word meaning the ‘Divine Grace.’  This organization would be run on grants from governmental and non-governmental agencies, public and private donations and voluntary contributions from individuals and community organizations.




The mission of ‘Prasad’ is to establish Community Center to assist community people such as seniors group, women’s group; youth group either people of all ages. They would be assisted on issues such as health, happiness, and well-being. They would also be given education on yoga, meditation and on literature and cultural heritage and assist information referral services welfare program.  This center will also extend such services to children.

People of all ages giving special emphasis towards assisting and promoting socio-economic conditions. It will help develop the leadership qualities that enables older persons to lead self-determined lives within their communities and to work in partnership with other people for the benefit of the larger groups in the communities in need. It implements innovative solutions that respond to local conditions and cultures. This non-for-profit organization through different programs promotes practices that ensure access to opportunities for meaningful, productive, healthy and happy lifestyles.


  • To preserve and promote culture and heritage.
  • To preserve and prmote Nepali language, spiritual speech, and literature.
  • To promote Ayurveda/naturopathy, yoga and meditation.
  • To provide education and referral services of the U.S system and welfare program.
  • To promote and encourage self-employment in the community.
  • To help and support of Nepal’s orphan children, and homeless man and women senior.


  • We develop learning the culture and new social innovations to help each other.
  • We encourage investors to promote the local entrepreneurs and ownership of all participants.
  • We honor the ideas, professionalism, and integrity of our staff and volunteers.
  • We work with full accountability and transparency for the excellent results in the social and financial matters, and
  • Our core values include honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others.


The center also provides support for families, friends, service providers, organizations, and members of the community to improve the lives. Through self-disclosure, people share their stories, stresses, feelings, issues, and recoveries. The persons would find themselves that they are not alone. They are not the only ones facing the problems. This lessens the isolation that many people, especially those with depressed experience in daily lives. The benefit of this peer model is attached to the empowerment of the seniors, women and youth as well..” This foundation creating a fund for orphan children and homeless seniors home of Nepal who has spend miserable condition. We encourage spend happy, healthy, spiritual lifestyle with love, passion, and freedom.


  • Prasad P. Aryal (Pundary Aryal)
  • Deepak Dhakal
  • Nam Lal Shrestha
  • Bandana Aryal Khanal


  • Executive Director/President: Prasad Pundary Aryal
  • Vice-President: Namlal Shrestha
  • Bandana Aryal Khanal


  • Mr. Prasad P. Aryal
  • Mrs. Laxmi Aryal
  • Mr. Bipin Aryal
  • Mr. Bishal Aryal
  • Mr. Krishna Bahadur Pachhai
  • Mr. Nam Lal Shrestha
  • Mrs. Kamala Shrestha
  • Mr.Gobind Bahadur Shrestha
  • Mrs. Indira Acharya


  • Bishwa B. Shah
  • Poonam Pandey
  • Dr. Kamal Raj Pandey
  • Hari Adhikari
  • Krishna Raj Pandey
  • Sita Kharel
  • Shree Chalise
  • Deepak Pradhan
  • Bishal Bikram Shah
  • Kamala Prasain
  • Rameshwor Koirala
  • Sanjit Joshi
  • Bhuvan Adhikari


  • Chairman: Bandhu Pokharel


  • Girija P. Gautam


Culture heritage Group


Traditional Yoga and meditation Group


Women’s Self Help Group